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2009 Ford F-250 Super Duty Cabela's Edition

2009 Ford F-250 Super Duty Cabela's Edition: First Drive



Rep whores make me sick
Got some nice options. I love how the seats are done.

The ad may be better without the flamboyant cowboy though. :eek:


'78 Bronco owner
I like it!

By the ad, it looks more like it's for the "urban cowboy" type though.. :suspicious:

Maybe they should have thought that one out a little more? lol

And ya'll read all the article?

But it's more than that. My friend Marc, pictured, is a well-educated Jewish boy with a law degree living in Houston. He grew up north of where I did in a more rural part of southeast Texas. Neither an avid hunter or fisher, he still has the Stetson, the spurs, the chaps and all the fancy trappings of cowboyhood because, where he comes from, it's valued.

Sexy truck - I like the gun compartment.

But yeah....definitely lose the "cowboy". He ain't even got a decent belt buckle.

And what's that orange stuff on the boots?


Ranger Lariat
I miss the days when trucks were trucks,not cars.I use my trucks for work.I don't like any extra convenience options.Real cowboys will be ordering the standard F250 with barely any options.Fake cowboys,like the one in all the pictures,buy this stuff,to look cool.Will these trucks ever work on the farm?No.Will anybody truly use these trucks to hunt?Not many.Will alot of the avid hunters be able to buy this truck?No.Basically,in my eyes,trucks like this are comparable to mall crawler trucks.

It is a nice truck,for city slickers.In my honest opinion,these trucks are best for the young rich urban kid that wants to be a cowboy.

I'm always gonna stick with my base model trucks.

Rant over.


'78 Bronco owner
Completely agree!

I think a truck should be basic, to help keep cost down among other things.

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