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2001 f250 V10 lariet lean code bank 1, and misfires

Hello if your reading this I'm looking for help on my truck. Recently I blew a sparkplug and replaced with with a doorman spark plug insert and before that I had a check engine light for lean code bank 1. After the spark plug blew i repaired it then i started to get random misfires. Mainly cylinder 8, and in the pending section of my code reader it says cylinder 4 misfire. I replaced the muffler with oem and checked the cats for damage because when I would accelerate I would hear a psss psss sounds and after taking the muffler off I realised no platinum honey comb in the muffler. I replaced it recently and I drove it around and boom, just like that it pops up with the same exact codes. I'm a little stumped on how to fix this I've tried the fuel filter and even rebuilt the injectors at one point. Could it possibly be a shitty coil pack I put on my truck when I was 16? Or the connectors for them in general? I'm supper confused any help would be awesome thank you.

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