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1997 F250 HD.. Passenger axle u joints?

Hello folks.
Truck is a 1997 F250 HD with 4 speed auto, 4x4, 5.8L engine. 340,000 miles. It has the articulated front axle with the additional u joint next to the diff.
This is my dad's truck. He is hoping I can help him do the passenger side front axle u-joints, hub, and bearings. I have done hubs, u joints, and some carrier repairs before but I am not an expert. My biggest concerns with this project are time and access to parts. He lives an hour away from me in the mountains. I might only have a few hours to complete the project. The parts store there is very modest. So I come to you folks hoping for some tips. Basically I need to show up prepared and bust it out.

A couple specific Q's:
I watched a video where a guy did both passenger u joints with the axle in the truck. He used a Tiger Tool 10105 press. Is this route easier/faster than pulling the axle? I was thinking about buying the press if it makes the job faster. I also have a HF "C" clamp style press and an impact gun and the (hopefully) correct spindle nut socket.

Is there a better repair manual than the Chilton 26664? I have Chilton manuals for all my vehicles. I am a big fan. But this particular manual sucks. Poor descriptions and no exploded drawings of the hub/axle ass'y.

I want to make this go as fast as possible. I will have dad spray everything down with PB Blaster the night before. Any other tips? Specific tools I will need?

Thanks for the help.
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crank polisher
Ok, had never heard of a tiger tool. That's slick. I now want one.

If you can accomplish it in the truck, that will save lots of time. What follows is from memory, and my memory can be a little foggy, so please try to verify before scattering parts all over the mountian.

Remove passenger wheel, brakes, hub and wheel bearings.

Remove the spindle.

Slide the axle shaft apart at the slip joint, and out through the knuckle, be sure to mark the slip so you get it phased just like it came apart!!!!!!

Use your fancy tiger tool to press the joint remaining in the front end out. ( If you think about it, you will only have to push out 2 caps under the truck.)

Clean up, and lube the slip with some bearing grease and re- assemble!

So for parts, u joints, spindle bearings and seals, wheel seal and maybe bearings, who knows how the outer axle shaft looks, won't know until you are in there,

Tools, I think you know what you'll need, but I would recommend good punches and chisels if it's not on your list.

Here's some pics.

Inner passenger shaft u joint and slip

Passenger knuckle disassembled, and in the mud

Driver side traction beam, 3 Rd member removed***Note it comes out the back. View is from rear.

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