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1992 F-250 Plow Truck Questions


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Sorry. Can anyone delete this thread? Somehow it went to the Gen 7 forum.

So much for not drinking and driving. Need another Jameson n Coke. *_*

Looking for advice: EDIT: It's a 1991 F-250, just like my 1992 F-150 Custom being a 1991 F-150

I'm probably going to work on the plow truck this Summer. Supposedly a Timing Chain and gear replacement may get the non-seized engine to turn/crank. It may also need a new fuel pump to get the fuel there (dual tank truck).

It's a 302 5.0L engine, but the body is rough. It has a really nice Fischer Plow. It's manual, so an automatic would be better anyway.

If I get the engine turning over and running, since the frame is rough, would it be better to get an automatic F-250 or F-350 from 1995-1996 (upgrades, which now I know like alternator and neutral safety switches) body? There are a lot of good options out there in my neck of the woods.

HOWEVER, many of these are actually 351 v8 engines. Would I run into issues in this situation? I don't really care about the new truck's engine assuming my $78 between the timing chain kit and fuel pump works out to turning over and running my 302 v8 engine.

Second, how difficult is it going to be to move all the hydraulic components for the plow over to the new frame?

I think I'd rather do this than repair all the defects in the F-250 frame I currently have with the 302 engine, plus it's a manual and would be better as an automatic.

Just planning for the Summer. Working on my Saab right now so I can get the F-150 into an engine shop and hopefully get the S&J Engine warrantied.

PS: If the 302 vs 351 doesn't matter (avoiding the diesels), should I lien into an F-250 vs F-350? Obviously F-350 suspension is better, happy to get that if it's a nice truck. I've got about 7 vehicles picked out within driving distance in various forms of repair regarding engine (or actually running engine, just not a plow truck... yet).

PPS: I noted in some other forums the 302 replacing a 351 will result in changing the flex plate and also possibly modifying the exhaust connection to the cat converter (smaller). Anything else?
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