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1990 F150 engine swap with 96 drivetrain

Hello, looking for a little help. I have a 1990 F150, 5.0 w/ AOD. I also have access to a 1996 F250 drivetrain 5.8 E4OD. What would be needed to properly swap to the 96 drivetrain? Have access to the complete truck, wiring harness and dash if needed. The 1990 dash is in much worse condition and wonder if the wiring and dash and all can be swapped with little trouble. Thanks for your time.


Staff member
For that definitely will want the harness as you need it for controlling the trans as well. The dash for the most part should swap as well. The triangle windows may not clear the dash when the doors are closed is about the only outright issue, and you can swap them in the doors if you feel the need.