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‘77 F-150 Short

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Gent has got this for sale in my area.
Asking $9k. Won’t come down on price since he said short 4x4’s are tough to find (I don’t disagree). Says he’s owned for last 40 years.

Rebuilt 351W & 4spd Manual back in 90’s.
Replaced cab corners (rusted) & windshield.
Claims everything works & remaining rust is surface. Unknown mileage.

Looking to get into my 1st long-term dentside. Think it’s worth it?


Staff member
That is more a what are you willing to pay, what is the local market like question. Out here in the rust belt it would likely get that price. Will you be able to turn around and sell it for the same or higher? Hard to say. Basically if you are happy with the truck and feel it worth letting the cash go for it, then there is your answer. These older vehicles are very subjective in value. What may be worth it to one is too high or even too low to another.

That said, sounds like it could be a good buy. If there is no holes and it is mechanically sound, it could definitely get that here. The 78 I have pretty much needs a complete body swap and a motor, so that makes me a bit envious.


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X2 to what Fellro mentions. I’ve found the most important thing with buying a vintage vehicle is to make sure it’s turn key ready to drive. Being insured is also a big plus! You see a lot of guys buying a vintage “project” that even after many years, it’s still not on the road!

I have found this especially in the vintage Jeep community. Here’s my 1966 Tuxedo Park CJ5

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