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1972 Ford F100 Profile

1972 Ford F100 - 1972 F100 Shortbed Bumpside Stock -  Ford Truck Profile

Basic Info

Ownership Status
I own it


Stock 360 V8, T-18 4-speed manual.
Chassis & Suspension
All stock.
Body & Paint
Looks like this will be the official FTF project truck build!

Purchased from a family in CO who had originally bought it brand new. Is believed to be the original mileage (94k when I purchased it). The plans are to keep the original vintage look on the outside and modernize the drivetrain and interior. Retain the utility of the truck but make it a little more fun and comfortable to drive anywhere we want to go.


Powertrain: Refresh the 360 and possibly swap in a 390 crank and rods, to go with an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold and 4 bbl carb, long tube headers and new exhaust, new distributor, etc. Debating on keeping the manual transmission, swapping in a Tremec, or possibly even swapping in a 6R80 automatic to make the occasional towing a simple affair.

Suspension: The original idea was to swap in a Crown Vic front-end or some other IFS to give it a better ride, but doing that would also reduce its payload weight and towing capabilities. We want to be able to drive this truck anywhere, but also be able to tow things and haul heavy payloads when needed. So the plan is to keep the I-beams and go with drop beams in front and do an axle flip in the rear to lower it a little, replacing the shocks and bushings, and swapping in power steering.

Brake system: The truck has drum brakes all around. The plan will be to swap in power disc brakes front, and maybe rear as well.

Exterior: Keep the original paint and push out some of the dents. Swap in a grille that is in better shape, as well as lenses and other accessories, hubcaps, etc. We'll stick with the stock wheels but might clean them up a little. We'll keep the classic look.

Interior: Keep it simple but refresh the gauge cluster, replace the dash pad and carpet, and get the bench seat redone and make it nice and comfortable with some aftermarket air conditioning.

This will mostly be a budget build, not a wild performance build. The goal is to document it here on the site to show how we do it so that others who are looking to do a similar build might benefit from the information.
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