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When i bought the truck (1949 F1 ) the drivers door window had a few little cracks in it. Now it has a large one going across the whole thing. I ordered new windows, seems you have to buy them in twos. Anyway can anyone give me info on how to remove and replace the window? I have the panel off but unsure of the correct procedure. Thanks in advance .


Flatheads Forever
It helps to remove the bolts/nuts that hold the division bar in place. That gives you a little more flex in the system. Division bar is the post between the wing window and the side glass.
Roll the window down far enough to remove the two clips that hold the window channel to the lift arms and push the posts back while supporting the glass/channel. The glass will then drop down into the door. It's fairly heavy for one hand.
Roll the arms back up past the glass and carefully maneuver the glass out the access hole.
You'll probably scrape a few knuckles and loose some blood, but its all part of the game.

Replacement is the reverse.

While the window is out, this is a great time to replace the felt 'wipers' and window track. The track is held in by a couple of flathead screws. A small flat screwdriver is all that is needed.

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