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wet road tires

Took the new to me F350 to church. Light misty rain and the truck acted like it was on ice. POOR traction. Have fairly new off brand Americus Commercial grade LT265/65R-17 on the rear which are otherwise in great shape with date code 5116. On the front are Toyo tires with aggressive tread pattern (more off road oriented) with NO date code and tires look a bit older but have good tread.

I don't drive the truck many miles and am not interested in high performance or high mileage tires; am interested in much better wet traction. I know there is a good likelihood that most folks offer their current set of tires as great choices since it reflects on the buying decision, etc. If you really have a good choice for good wet traction tires, please chime in as I need help. I looked at the wet traction recommendations at and of course, Michelins that cost $200 a pop won the contest. Just can't spend that much (money gone from truck buy). TIA


Tonto Papadapolous
Several people on this site are very happy with BF Goodrich tires. They seem to handle all types of road conditions. I have been very happy with Cooper AT3 tires. I'm using those mostly because that brand is all our little local tire shop handles.

You will have a hard time finding 265 65 17's for less than $200.
Which replacement tires did you get? I just like to recommend Nitto Ridge Grappler. Personally, it's a very reliable all-around tires and I am satisfied with its traction and handling in any weather condition. You should check that as well. You might want to consider it in the future.
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