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Towing with 5.4

I just have to say I love it. I pulled my 27' trailer into town today to get it ready for the camping season. The trailer weighs in just under 8000 pounds. Engine didn't seam to have to work to hard to get it going and on hills.


Redneck Prognosticator
Belton, MO
With all the bad press people give the 5.4, you couldn't be more right. It doesn't feel 'fast' when you drive it, but by George, when you strap a trailer on the truck...

Driving it with a load feels practically the same as driving it empty!

If it wasn't for the trailer swaying, I wouldn't have know it was back there. My brothers 4.6 seems more peppy. I thought it was because my engine is almost 10 years old. I did find out that my truck did have the cam phasers replaced before I bought it. Thats a bonus.
Back when I had my pre-phaser 5.4, we took it over 4000KM to pickup my Dent. My 7700 F150 didn't give a crap about the truck and trailer behind it. I took two of my Chevy biased friends with me, and they were both suprised and thoroughly impressed.

What can I say, Ford makes a good product.


Trnsmission runs hot when towing. All feels fine.

My 2008 XLT 5.4 tows fine, but the transmission heats up some, any recommendations for cooling it. I have the standard tow package

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