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Removing bugs from front


Canadian diisabled Yuppie
I got me a problem. Roadkill bugs on the front bumper, grill hood etc... How can I easily remove the mess? I have rinsed and washed with some elbow power.

I'm done using my truck as an experiment. I tried a chrome protectant product called 'Eco-Sheen'. Looks like I jizzed over my door panels.



just growing older not up
Boring, Oregon
Lotta wax, soap and water for cleanup. When it's warm out, tough to get them all on the first try. Come fall, they'll all disappear in a routine wash.


Kansas Chapter Leader
I heard someone say once that a dryer sheet will do the trick. Just add a little watter to it and it will scrub them right off. I haven't tried this my self as I had forgotten about it untill now.


Canadian diisabled Yuppie
Goodness me, I won't wqant Tony to spit on my truck, or apply it on.

I think I heard of one of those Bounce fowards. Even heard about WD-40 works great on this.

I asked a former body worker and he used this product called "Bugg Off". Is a thick gel you wipe off. I went to Canadian Tire, looking for this. They din't have any but bought this 'Bug and Tar Remover' produced with or by Turtle Wax. You'd spray it on the surface, wait a bit and wipe. Reapply or elbow the surface.

I spent a few hrs doing the front. I know the truck appreciates looking its best.



Rep whores make me sick
We use Bugg Off down here. During early summer, we have love bug infestations that you wouldn't believe. It's the only thing that works easy.

I could send up a jar of spit if you wanna give it a shot though. ;)


Florida Chapter member
I use Westley's Bleche white.....I use it on the front of the truck all my chrome the fronts of my mirrors and everything usually gets em all off after just a few minutes of soaking...though last weekend i used one of those oven mit scrubby things and it worked good with the westley's.....I also use it on my wonders.....
I use (again) Dawn dishwashing soap, and even add a couple squirts to my cheap blue storebought windshield wash, lol
OOPS....awesome stuff. Bugs, bodies, other crap. Small amount goes a long way. Wash after use.

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