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My 2000 f150 4x4

I'm new to the stick 4x4. I was told to be able to switch into 4h I need to be in neutral. But I can't seem to get the shift lever to move anywhere. Am I doing something wrong or is it a possible issue with the 4wheel drive on the truck?


The Token Canadian
Staff member
I've had Saturday nights' vino in me....but I'm pretty sure that you can switch between 4HI/2HI in gear...4LO is where you need to be in neutral and stopped to make things easier.


caffeine junkie
Staff member
central Vermont
"Stick 4x4" meaning a lever on the floor?

If it hasn't been shifted in and out of 4x4 in a long time, the linkage can get rusted stuck.

Might crawl underneath and try spraying some kind of lubricant on the linkage.


That's how we roll!
You can shift into high just fine while moving. When you want to go into low you need to be in neutral. I would check the linkages as suggested.

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