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Mr Clean Magic Eraser


Florida Chapter member
I grabbed a few and thought I'd try am on my interior. I've tried cleaning wipes, degreaser and whatnot on my doorpanels to get the grime and stuff off but mostly where the armrest yellows. i gotta tell ya I was thoroughly impressed with what the magic eraser did my armrests aren't worn out n yellow anymore they're just worn out! Well worth it and like everything else you've got to use a little elbow grease but works out perfectly. One thing i did notice however is that after you're done and the panel thoroughly dries sometimes it will leave a white residue but that is easily removed just by wiping over it with a detail wipe of your choice.Just thought I'd share.
Nice. My armrest and center console are getting a little dingy. Ill have to give that a try.


Redneck Prognosticator
Belton, MO
thanks for the tip. I might use it!



^LARGE carbon footprint^
They work!

When I bought my Super Duty the center console next to the drivers seat had some grime on it, nothing seemed to take it off. The wife suggested the magic eraser. 10 seconds of work and the console was squeaky clean! Highly recomended.


'78 Bronco owner
Yeah, they work really well...

We use them to take off the black streaks on the camper trim. :)


Clown of Death!
Thanks for the tip, JR!!!

Chris you're a lightweight!!!


One Amazing Rack
There is no such thing as a guy out of elbow grease.

I use magic erasers here at motel for tubs etc but I recently discovered they clean the seat belts in my excursion exceptionally well. So we can chalk up yet another use for the old bald guy.

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