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Looking to Sell '78



Hey All, im new on the site so im hoping i can do this, if not accept my appoligies and let me know:spank:

Due to family and lack of space i need to seel my 78 ford ranger explorer, F150..:headbang: . its all original, im the second owner (bought from my father 9 years ago), It has never been winter driven, I just fliped it to just over 100,000 Original Kilometers, it has the 351M, runs fine, needs a good tune up, i have only been able to drive it once last year. I took it for a spin today and well, Now id hate to sell it but room wise i need to....
Any ideas of what is a good price to ask? Id like to see it goto a good collector insted of some one that would just abuse it but i guess i have no choice hey... Kinda attached to it but i ned to sell....Dad would understand!:rofl: lol
Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advanced!
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Look around at your local dealerships, ask them for value quotes. They'll be somewhat short on the true value, but that will give you some idea. We always like input on this site. Feel free to join in on any of the discussions.
I was told to ask around the $4600 Canadian mark... not sure though.. just looking for other opinions...
Thanks for the quick reply!
They barely hit $2800 here in Missouri [confused]

Probably because around here, EVERYONE seems to have one laying around somewhere :rofl:


That's how we roll!
I would say between $2800-3700 sounds good if no rust and in good condition
Well If you wait around for a collector for a 78 you might be waiting awhile.. As mentioned Depending on condition and accessories it might be a $3500 truck here in Virginia?

Good luck with the sale !!



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That's a sharp looking truck. Too bad you have to sell it. Like the others have said, prices are going to vary greatly depending on location. Just looking at the couple pics and if it's rust free and all original, I'd say around $3000. There is also a price difference from 2wd vs 4wd.

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