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issues with my 1950 f1

Hey guys
Im having some issues with my F1. It started three days ago truck started hesitating and running rough when initial acceleration from take off also noticed it when driving after letting off and reacceleration. I changed the electric fuel pump and the inline filterat the carb. Here's a little info on motor it"s an 302 with a Edelbrock 650. I boult the truck 6 months ago been driving it almost everyday since truck runs great no issues other then front drum breakes need to go away and need wiper moter Thank god for rainX...
If anyone has an idea i would love to hjere from you Thanks


Texas Chapter member
First of all, welcome to FTF!

Love to see some pics of your F1YelloThumbUp

The first thing I would do would be to check all your vacuum hoses and caps for leaks. A vacuum leak can cause rough running issues.

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