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Intro hello thank you for allowing me name is Randy in Freeport fl

I have a 95 f 700 7.0 gas it was fuel injected . I've had it 2 yrs it was crippled when I acquired it . It would idle out under a load it would die unless I was lucky n hobbled it up to maybe 20mph. I did a good tune up no change tanks cleaned new pumps no change new lines check fuel pressure 10 psi needed 37.5 I put inline high pressure pump and ran it out of a can got pressure I needed but in a 2mi ride used 10 gal of fuel. No leaks no return line. No smoke ran great . Another mile 6gal of fuel so I decided to refit it with a carb. 95 came with FI ,carb and propane. I had an 80s 460 attempted to swap intakes no fit . And that where I am it's great engine 70,000mi I've called every intake mfg looked in junk yards , contacted Ford no one has one now I have a90 model camper w 460 thinking of swapping motor out . Question is is motor n tranny going to bolt up