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Interior Pics


Tulsa, Ok
im gonna book mark this, ill add onto it in about 3 weeks when i lift the rear seat and shoe horn 3 10s under it.

At first ill be running roughly 600 watts rms to all together.

Then ill be running 1200 watts rms all together

Gonn raise the back seat with some steel tubing, longer bolts and washers.

Then a fully lenght box from thats fits allt he way under back seat, and walla. "custom sub box". I just gotta decide where the amp (later plural for door speakers) is gonna go.

My ultimate goal for the subs, right now atleast is, 3 kicker shallow mount subs, and one kicker 1500x.1 (1500 watt rms to one channel (mono))

To 1.34 ohms

being 100 watts overo n each speaker, isnt going to hurt it, its in my acceptable range.

Cause right now. im running about 700 watts over speaker capacity