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I have been a Ford Truck owner starting back in the 70s and that's all I've owned since .

on my 2012 F-350 Dually 6.7 Powerstroke I am getting a PO500 code Vehicle speed sensor , symptoms are the speedometer stopped working and of course then I get traction control and ABS warning lights , blinkers wont shut off on their own after a turn ext. It happened a couple of times then reset itself , the other day I got it to go away then I drove it after about 5 miles the speedometer starting jumping a bit at speeds lower than I was traveling ( you could tell the sensor was failing) and then went to zero at which point all the alarms and the code returned. I have looked all over the web and have yet to find the location of this speed sensor . Earlier models seemed to mostly be on the side of the tranny however I'm not able to find this one I see no wiring anywhere around the tranny except the main wiring harness connector which I have removed and replaced to ensure a good connection. I see a pic of the sensor on line at parts stores . However I have had no luck in locating it . Any help would be greatly appreciated