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Hidden Kill Switch Install?

So I had my 2007 F250 SD stolen at a La Quinta Inn in Farifield NJ. 2 guys approached my truck and in less than 10 minutes they were driving out of the parking lot. I had a keyless entry keypad on the door. No alarm went theft insurance, hotel said "sorry park at your own risk" and the local PD Chief with absolutely no schooling on "newsworthy" informed me that "he" did not even find the grand theft auto of my truck worthy of his online police blotter(which by the way I did not even know about until a friend told me it was odd it did not appear there. Anyway...

I just bought a 2008 F350 SD...Full Insurance now but I want to install a Kill Switch somewhere hidden so that when I have to park it somewhere I deem "risky" I can disable it so a potential thief would have to tow it if he wanted it that bad and nothing you can do about that....maybe a hidden GPS?

Kill Switch....any ideas are greatly appreciated.


Staff member
As far as recovery and tracking, there are devices as small as a key ring you can get to put in it. Trackr is one. It is a gps unit.

Kill switch is as simple as a hidden toggle that interrupts power to the ecm or fuel pumps or any other major component that would keep the truck from working.


Staff member
just trip the inertia switch.
blacksnapon I found the switch but I think I'd like something that is hidden. Something that only I know about. I wouldn't trust that a pro car thief didn't know about that. I was thinking maybe a SPST toggle switch high up under the dash around the steering wheel? Does this make any sense? I also thought about removing certain fuses but if I am away from the truck for any length of time a thief might also figure that out....I'm just too damn paranoid since my F250 was stolen so quickly and so easily.

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