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Helping Grandson

Have a 96 f150 4,x4 helping my grandson with his first rig. After working yrs as Ford technician I'm stumped.. May be first time I've ever admitted I'm out of ideas especially on one of these 5.0 f150 ignition systems.
No spark purchased it from a fellow who worked on it for months couldn't fix it. I thought I'd have it sparking in minutes....Wrong. after diagnosing multiple ways and times still no spark. Truck has new distributor have pip pulse at IDM has bat+ at IDM coil has b+key on negative side has b+key in run but no pulse while cranking. Replaced IDM no spark disconnect ecm still no spark the previous owner said it ran with spout out for awhile but finally lost all spark for months prior to removing the spout he said intermittent stumbling no power then run fine again. I've un wrapped the harness found bare wire from coil negative to IDM made no difference. Tested in puts and outputs from primary and secondary ignition harness nothing notable wrong hope someone has ran into loss of pulse from IDM to coil but has Pulse at spout connector as it should... Please Help.


Master Ford Tech
Since the pickup in the distributor is new, and the ignition control module is new, I would be looking at the pcm. The spout circuit runs into it as well as a ground circuit from the pickup if I remember correctly

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