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Diesel Leak


Oilfield Trash
On my 05 Excursion. I have a drip from the fuel filter under the hood. It is on the housing. It looks lie a cover.

What will I get into when I remove the cover? 4 allen bolts and a fuel line. Is there a gasket or oring?



Staff member
Thats the "blue spring" mod area. Its pretty much a gasket and a small spring to keep track of.


Oilfield Trash
Got the kit Monday. They even had it in stock. The leak is fixed. I can tell it has more power.

Thanks for the info.


Kansas Chapter member
Had mine replaced at the dealer due to a "weaping leak".

Had to have dealer do it (I have no idea what I am doing) and due to Vince not making "house calls" and not visiting KC in quite a while!!!

Have no idea if I have more power or not, but I was told that it would definately help with controlling and regulating my fuel pressure better since I still had the stock spring in it after +200,000 miles..... so at least I am not leaking expensive diesel fuel anymore!!!