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code 1249

Well, the check engine light is on with code 1249. I believe this indicates waste gate control valve performance.

The truck is a 2011 f250 w/ the 6.7

The turbo was dumping pressure normally, now not at all after the engine is shut down.

TIA for any constructive advice on the repair.

Don Farmer


Staff member
Thanks for that!
Sounds like the project might get over my head quickly. I suppose its off to the dealer...

Is it safe to operate the truck for a week or so?
So, the problem is fixed, maybe. The tech initially felt the turbo was not building pressure properly. He ended up replacingBC3Z 9E882 A Solenoid which was the inoperative wastegate solenoid. He also told the service writer the problem may re-occur due a weak EGR? (I did not have the time to speak with the tech).

The engine light is off after 100 miles. Before the problem, a noticeable noise was present for 20 seconds or so as the turbo pressure was released at engine shutdown. After the fix, the noise is not present. We shall see where this goes.

Fortunately, only 60k on the engine and the warranty is 100k. The service writer mentioned a 6.7 engine replacement cost is around 20k. Keep the service up to date!

Thanks Blacksnapon. The truck had that instant loss of power thing early on as the exhaust sensors failed. Damn near got me killed as a concrete mixer tried to avoid me.