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CA Chapter Members and Locations

Welcome guys.....don't be shy about posting, and be sure to show us some pics of your trucks.


California Chapter member
I'm Dale from Modesto. I work for the phone company to pay the bills, and have a diesel performance hobby/passion. My favorite is the DT466 from IH. For nostalgia, I'm going to attempt an all Ford drive train swap in my 67 F100, which will include a 6.6 litre diesel(hopped up of course), mated to an Allison AT545 for simplicity, then taking the brunt of the storm is a Sterling 10.25. Why a Ford 6.6? #1, the Ford script on the valve cover. #2, It's not a Cummins 6BT(nothing against them at all).
Smog rules? HA! This is a spit in the smoggifier's face!
The rig(got a 72 front clip for a good price), it has a DT466(1400+ pounds) in the bed:


the engine:
Anyone here in or near Palo Alto?

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