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Broke rear, lower shock mount


Tulsa, Ok
so because all the moisture we have had recently. The bottom fell out of road (its like a mud bog the whole way)

Becase of this ruts have formed, and there not always straight and they bounce you front side to to side.

I think this is what caused my passenger side rear axle lower shock mount to break.

upon inspecting it seems that one side of the bolt hole ripped out, and shock wiggled and the bushing came out causing the shock to drop off.

the bolt is still in the one side of the mount just hangine.

so here the questioned.

do i

A: bend ripped piece back, weld washer on either side (inner and outer on both side) to help streighten and re-install.

B: get lost to send me a complete mount. grind/cut off old mount and weld on new piece, drain fluids in rear axle to make sure i didnt cook em.

C: get aftermarket offroad shock mounts for entire rear axle and custom make new brackets.

Ok I got time (layed off) aint got money, but dont really want it to happen again.

debate on what i should do. go

Lost do you have one in your stock pile?


PA Chapter leader
central PA
I'd do washer also . The mount is good and solid to axle. Just reinforce and save some fabbing time.


Tulsa, Ok
alright ill do that, i just wanted to see opinions.