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Brake line fittings.


We will Rise Again
What's the point of putting different size fittings from the M/C to the proportioning valves with the same size 3/16 line? Originally, the sizes of fittings ranged from 9/16, to 5/16, to 3/16 and to 1/4.
Supplier of the BPPV.

Kelsey Hayes


We will Rise Again
I was just curious, because my new Proportioning valve (from summit) has all 3/16 inlet/outlets and the M/C has 3/16 for the rear and 1/4 for the front. Makes it a little easier since all the line is 3/16.

The other thing is, what's the trick to stopping leaks. I have all new lines and thought I had everything pretty straight and tight, but unsure on "how tight" I need to get them.
The other reason is making sure primary line goes to primary outlet and secondary line goes to secondary

Idiot free system ;)

Hopefully the lines have the proper flaring do to them. then it is tighten accordingly.

I'll check for specs


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As long as the flare is right I usually just tighten with a good line wrench until it won't turn anymore. Never had any problem with doing that. Also make sure you start by hand so it doesn't crossthread.

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