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Body Parts

Hi all. I recently purchased the previously mentioned '65 F100 and am researching how to start my driver level restoration. The truck runs well, but the body is beaten with some localized rust, particularly in the bed and along the bottoms of the doors. Just yesterday, I found a '64 F100 for sale nearby. No engine, transmission, or most of the front suspension, but with a decent body. I was wondering if the body parts from that truck are interchangeable with those of my truck? IOW, can the parts from the '64 be used to rebuild my '65? thanks.


Staff member
I personally don't have a solid answer, but a quick search for common parts wasn't too favorable. 65-6 no problem, but 64 looks like a nearly 1 year deal.


Texas Chapter member
I took a look at replacement body parts and sheet metal on DennisCarpenter. A lot of it works for 61-66 models but there were some changes in '65 that account for what Fellro was seeing with things not matching. You might take a look at that and see if it helps tell you what you can use from the 64.