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93 2.3 flooding? when trying to start hot.

538 come on only from koer. it seems to only be related to the goose test


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The only 538 I have ever seen was due to user error. I have pulled codes on the EEC system many times and still get a occasional 538 error. If you don't goose it at just the exact time it will pop up.I normally disregard that error if I see it.


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the 2 wire sender is the one that talks to the ECM
When my Explorer was doing that, changing that cender did not solve the problem.

Changing the fuel pressure regulator did....It stopped flooding at hot start up


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Changing the fuel pressure regulator did....It stopped flooding at hot start up

If it's the same concept of FPR that's used on the OHV 4.0, namely it uses engine vacuum, then the test is very simple. Shut off the engine after it's ran long enough that it's known that the flood problem will occur, pull the rubber vacuum hose from and at the FPR and look/smell inside. Any gas in there and the FPR has a failed diaphragm and the unit needs repolacing.
Faulty fuel pressure regulator will act like that too.

Charlie wins a all expense pay vacation to were ever he is right now. :waf :bowdown:

Put new temp senders in the thing idle evened out, temp gauge runs in them middle. regulator reduced the hot starting problem to a light stumble for first second. A4le got a service and poor boy flush :headbang: (hate working on car automatics).

now to find or repair the cracked flanges on the muffle i found.

bring the grand to less the $1500 total in this car over 4 years. including buying it smilieFordlogo:


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Run a can of fuel injector cleaner through the tank, then change the fuel filter, and she'll be gooder than new.......