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8.2L Detroit in F 600


The fuel pincher. Economy is nice, somewhere above 12mpg. Does anyone have a service manual in pdf. Maintainance schedule and adjust timing on injectors. 1984 F 600, 124k mi.
Kingpins are making me earn their respect. Four pound single jack don't cut it. I just sent out for a twelve pound sledgehammer, been needing one anyhow. Thanks ahead of time guys
when i do king pins on class 8's that are super stuck. i put a 12 or 20 ton bottle jack under the pin and start lifting the truck off the jack stand maybe 1" then i beat on top of axle with a sledge. if that isn't for you there is always the heating of the axle eye with a rosebud. and or what ever combination of the above gets it done. make sure to have all the other wheels on the ground when you do the jack trick

after that i can't help you much never touched that engine before.