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53 flathead to 52 F2 truck

I have recently taken on my first ground up truck challenge. I picked up a 1952 F2 with a stuck flathead V8. I then picked up a 53 flathead V8 from a sunliner. I did some research to find out that the engine mounts are different being a stock 52 flathead 8RT vs the replacement 53 flathead 8BA. The front engine mounts are different on the water pumps. Not only are the mounts different, so are the pulley belt sizes. I'm looking for any useful information in making the swap as easy and painless as possible. - Is it best to make my own mounts?

Any advice is appreciated.


Flatheads Forever
Easiest and painless? Pull the accessory parts off the truck engine and put them on the 53. Blocks are the same and for the cost of a gasket kit you'll be done.

That includes: waterpumps, crank pulley, generator w/ pulley, oil pan/pump, bellhousing ring with starter base, etc.

New mfg'd waterpumps are available from your local NAPA and several parts places online. I like Sacramento Vintage Ford for parts and service.

Welcome to FTF! Please ask questions as you go along. We'll be glad to help as needed.
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Great! Thanks for the insight. It is much appreciated! This is a wonderful sight and a huge resource!
I was also thinking of converting from 6v to 12v. Harnesses seem to be kind of spendy... what about making ones own? Is that common or just a bad idea?
Thanks again!


Flatheads Forever
You're welcome - that's what this forum is all about.

6 to 12v? The easiest conversion info I found was at Patrick's website - scroll about halfway down the page of articles and you'll see the one for changing from 6 to 12v.

Wiring harnesses can be home fabbed. These trucks don't have a lot of circuits so they're pretty easy and 12v means you can run lighter wires that with 6v. You have the choice of plastic coated or can buy cloth covered bulk wire in original colors/markings if you choose.

I've used the pre-made harnesses only because I lean toward restoration/rebuild rather than hotrodding - and I'm lazy. It's super easy to connect the OEM style harnesses according to the wiring schematic.