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1st post

Eventually there has to be a 1st post so might as well get it out of the way. Found this forum by doing a search for some basic infor on these trucks and found some of the scanned documents a great resource for a new guy. I have owned a number of mopar trucks about the only one in this category was a 48 B1D (1 ton dump) sold that a few years back will be looking for a 48 -56 F series but leaning more towards the early 50's . As far as the Ford family I do have a 1931 model A coupe . For now I will be mostly reading posts and learning


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I like your screen name - welcome to this part of the forums! It's a pretty casual group of guys who check in as they have time, but lots of talent and experience.

Thanks for checking in and read up. Another great forum is the flathead group if that's your direction for your future pickup.
Add my welcome. This is a real good group, you'll get lots of good input here. Besides my Fords, I'm a closet Dodge (not Ram!) guy too. That B1PW126 project out in the barn calls me every so often.
I'll say Welcome, also. Always good to see new trucks (and people) around here. I'm not sure where you're located, but if you're anywhere near me, I can set you up with a really nice and solid project starting place. :)
Thanks for the welcomes, a previous post asked my location I am in NJ I should have added that to the profile info. Mostly gathering some knowledge on these trucks, simple stuff like what parts belong to which trucks. Will be looking for a decent driver that isn't a rust bucket and looks like a truck. Don't mean to offend anyone on my 1st few posts but I am not really a fan of over done trucks that are so clean I would be afraid to get in with mud on my shoes or throw a 2x4 in the bed.


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Welcome to the forum!


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welcome to FTF,like the othres have said real nice group of guys & a lot of help & info here Where in NJ are you ? I lived in northern nj for about 30 yrs

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