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1985 F-150 2wd Manul Gas Tank

I am trying to fix things on my gas tank due to at the gas pump, the pump acts like the tank is full. Upon pulling the tank inside the Filler hose a plastic vent hose was all bunched up inside, I'm thinking this is the cause of my problem at the pump. I cannot find a replacement vent hose. Would it hurt the truck if I remove the hose and not have one. I will post photos.






Staff member
It won't hurt it, but it also won't fix your issue to eliminate it. They are a bugger to position when pulling the tank down and putting it back. Its sole purpose is to let air that is being displaced by fuel back out the fill neck. Might be able to warm it up and put something inside to help reshape it to being round, not pinched. It also seems that the hose to the tank is on backwards as the bend should be right before the tank, not the fill. It has to go horizontally across the frame under the box to get to the tank.

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