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1979 f150 mystery wiring connectors

Hey yall i have a 1979 f150 4x4 i picked up and someone had already cut the harness out planning to do a cheap eBay harness so i dont have much of the original left. But it has different plugs from any harness i have seen for the rear lights harness that comes from the firewall to the back of the truck. I have 4 of these trucks and pulled the harness out of a 79’ 250 and a 78’ supercab and bought a third off eBay and none of the plugs are made to connect to the rear frame harness. What do i need to look for



Tonto Papadapolous
I believe the harness/plug on the left is for the rear lights. You used to be able to buy an adapter plug that fit in between the two pieces of the harness that would provide lights to a Uhaul trailer.

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