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  1. How can I tell if coolant in my oil is coming from my water pump or a head gasket?

    I own a 1973 Ford F100 with a 360 engine and automatic transmission. About two months ago I had my truck overheat because of a plugged up radiator. I replaced it with a new one and it has been running fine until recently. Now, I have found coolant in my oil. I changed out the water pump about a...
  2. Color coded wiring diagram

    Does anyone know where I can get a color coded wiring diagram for a 1973 Ford F100?
  3. 1978 Ford Shop Manual Vol 3&4 - Group 32 - Lighting System

    This will really help me out! The last couple of days I have been looking over my wiring harness and to be honest, I'm surprised the truck runs. So, I've decided to try to work on it and try to clean it up. Thanks!
  4. New turn signal switch not functioning.

    Now my parking lights will light up every time I hook up the battery, so something isn't right. Tomorrow, I'm going to rewire my new turn signal switch, but instead of using connectors I'm going to solder it all and use heat shrink.
  5. New turn signal switch not functioning.

    I have a 1973 F100, 360 motor, automatic transmission, 2 wheel drive. I just put in a new signal switch and it's not working. I need a schematic for the wiring. All the color codes matched, so I just rewired it the same. I'm guessing, I'm not getting any power to it. I tested the fuses and they...
  6. Truck won't start, bad voltage regulator?

    I finally figured out that I had accidentally reversed the "S" and "I" small wires on my starter solenoid and that's why the truck wouldn't start. So now it's running, but I need to take it out for a test run to make sure all is well.
  7. Truck won't start, bad voltage regulator?

    I have a 1973 F100, automatic transmission with a 360 engine. I went to start my truck the other day and it sounded like my battery went dead. I tried start it again and nothing , no click, nothing. I just bought a new battery for it about 3 weeks ago and I checked it and it seems fine. I even...
  8. 1978 Shop Manual Vol 1 - Section 13 - Steering

    fatherdoug, It looks as if no stone was left unturned. I now have the retainer in place, so now I Just need to put the new turn signal switch back in place. I also need to look over the neutral switch because I found the clip for it and now I need to figure out how it goes on. Thank you for the...
  9. I can't get my steering column to bo back together.

    I have a 1973 f100 automatic transmission, 360 engine. I was wondering if anyone has a schematic for the steering column. I have been trying to get my steering column back together and it just won't budge. I push the spring portion in and they to get the ring that holds the turn signal switch...
  10. 1973 360 f100 with Edelbrock 1406 Carburetor and Accel points eliminator

    I need to know what RPM am I supposed to use for setting the timing.