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  1. redneckryder

    ABS help please?

    Ok, background. Bought a 2006, F-250 crew cab, short bed, Lariat FX4 with a 6.0. 118,000 miles, ran it for a couple thousand, ABS light comes on randomly. Check the code, Rear Wheel speed sensor. Ok, no biggie....I will put it on my list. Doing front brakes, I noticed the drivers side front...
  2. redneckryder

    1979 F-250 engine swap....maybe?

    So, I am gonna do a thing. I bought a 79 F-250, and am gonna build it. I am also buying a 1999 F-250, and am gonna strip it. Anyone see where I am going with this???I wanna stuff a 7.3 Powerstroke in my 79. I have looked high, low, and everywhere in between, and find alot of people that...
  3. redneckryder

    Roll Call

    So....I am back. Live in Portland, Michigan now. Got a 2005 ranger, but I am looking for a real truck. Been on Craigslist and Facebook looking for a 78-79 SC 4x4 auto....and it's looking like I gotta go out of state to get one under $10k...yikes. Anywho.....this page aint exactly lively from...
  4. redneckryder

    New problem....4low not an option?

    ech.....dammit. Thanks for the heads up though.
  5. redneckryder

    New problem....4low not an option?

    Back story....I bought this truck from my step-dad. He tinkers, bought it as a project. Rebuilt the front axle (U joints, bearings, ball joints...etc etc), but never touched the tcase. Lock in the hubs, throw it in 4hi, and she goes where you point it. This thing blows me away with all the...
  6. redneckryder


    I don't think anyone has messed with the linkage. Like I said, it corrects itself.I think I am going to look into a reader.....
  7. redneckryder


    Ok...followed the instructions on the video. Got a 111 and a 332. 111 is system ok, 332 is EGR did not open during test. Could my egr be bad? Is that why my truck runs funky?
  8. redneckryder


    Hey an issue I hope you can help with. I have a 95 F-150 4x4 5.8L auto. Cold startup is fine but warm starts usually have a problem. Rolls over fine, fires right up, then rpms drop to about 400-500. So low that the voltage gauge reads low, lights dim...everything. Touch the go...
  9. redneckryder

    75 F350 Build Newbie Style

    You have WAY more patience than me.....I built 1 my dads workshop, put hours and hours into this I was painting the body, he was "sweeping up" with the air hose....I dont think I need to finish that story. The whole kit-n-kaboodle went in the trash, never messed with...
  10. redneckryder

    V2..The Dents We Find

    Got the job! I doubt the truck will still be around, but I can wish. I have already told the wife that a portion of my check will go to my truck every week...She said as long as the bills get paid, she dont give a crap what I do with the rest....YAY!!!
  11. redneckryder

    V2..The Dents We Find

    All I need is the bed, engine, and winch. I would sell/scrap the rest to cover the investment. Not having money sucks. I did however get an interview tomorrow, so hopefully the not having money thing will end soon....
  12. redneckryder

    V2..The Dents We Find

    SON....OF....A.....BRANCH. I need to hit the lotto.
  13. redneckryder

    The Dent "Parts" We Find
  14. redneckryder

    The Dent "Parts" We Find

    of all the times to be broke.....
  15. redneckryder

    Looking for a Dent Side

    that one has been for sale for over a might be able to get it cheaper, plus you can sell all the spare parts, and make some money back.....