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  1. A_G

    1997-2004 Ford F150 4X4 Inoperative In Depth Diagnosis

    Im just gonna throw this out there.There is alternatives.Ive got a manual transfer case (i actually have a shifter)The diaphram on the axle was bad and they cost about 180 bucksI put this on if you knew the correct length of cable you...
  2. A_G

    Roll in Bedliners

    Anybody ever done one?Got a preference?Took the dirtbike out today for the first time since i removed my camper shell and the the drop in sucks.As soon as the back tire started going down the ramp the front wheel just slid down the bed.Other than that they are notorious for trapping...
  3. A_G

    Happy Birthday A_G

    Belated thanks, again.
  4. A_G

    Latest in CNG LNG technology.

    pshhh...i get it for like 50 cents a gge (gasoline gallon equivalent )
  5. A_G

    does anybody here have a cng or lng vehicle?

    i maintain a whole fleet of them and i see its benefits far outway the cons in a fleet setting.but i was curious to how its working out on a personal level.anthony
  6. A_G

    Latest in CNG LNG technology.

    yes.since most cng is pulled straight from the grid before compressed, mercaptan is already in the fact when you change a cng fuel filters, a small amount of liquid mercaptan will be captured in the bottom. of the it up and prank a co-worker.
  7. A_G

    new to me

    I'm get about 17 miles to the gallon which if I have the 25 gallon tank like I think I do, that's a 425 mile rangeBut because I don't have fuel gauge I've never ran it down to empty I'm not 100% positive it could be better mpg than that
  8. A_G

    new to me

    Well my trans input gave out, snapped in half when the tq converter wouldn't unlock the tq and input shaft came out of the trans bellhousibg and took a good size chunk out the engine in the processI'll give you a Hsu mileage when I go to the farm to work on my yota
  9. A_G

    new to me

    My old idi died catrostrophicly and I still miss it tho
  10. A_G

    new to me

    12.2 cityI'm looking for some 37s right now actuallyI gotta find a vac leak and its got y pipe leak, do a tune up and ill update the mpg
  11. A_G

    new to me

    Yep 9.5 inches lol, I'm 6 foot 5 and I haft to climb into itThe po put a suede headliner in it, I'm a mechanic so one day I will touch it.with dirty hands....yay
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    Happy Birthday A_G

    Belated thanks
  13. A_G

    new to me

    98 expy 5.4
  14. A_G

    Politics forum

    yep im an old member i didnt even relise there was a politics forum...i want in...
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    im doing it on a gen 8, the gen 9 i have also will have 4 in the pickup bed...ya i got something up my sleave for that old truck, im not sending her off to the pasture quite yet.