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1966 Ford F100 Profile
Street Truck 

1966 Ford F100 - Old gray lady - $1,000 (Richland) © craigslist Street Truck -  Ford Truck Profile

Basic Info

Ownership Status
I own it


VIN Format: 1961-1980 Ford truck

Decoding: F10AP775319

Digit Usage VIN Decoded
1-3 Series F10 F100 2WD pickup
4 Engine A L6 240-1v 150hp 4400rpm
5 Plant P Twin Cities MN
6-8 Mod Yr/Mfg Date 775 1966 (Mfg Nov 1965)
6-11 Sequential Serial # 775319 775319
Body & Paint
primer gray
Interior & Electronics
seats were removed, dash in good shape
Old gray lady - $1,000 (Richland)
© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap

condition: fair
make / manufacturer: Ford
model name / number: F100
She's seen better days, been abused front and rear, but would like for you to show her a little tenderness. Her seat's been ripped out and her view on life is frankly, a little cracked. Her bed is a little rusty, she'll probably squeak too. But you could bring her back - you could. She's back from 1966 and she wants to be yours, all yours. Just bathe her in some oils, lube her up, get her wired and take her home. 1966 Ford F100. If you are a cheap date, flash a roll, she'll probably lower her standards.

She's going to need new windshield, headlights, passenger mirror, seat(s), hood hinge adjusted, tailgate fixed, oil bath carb, battery, keys. Maybe more. But she's an original, and that's what you want. Bring her back to life.

Honestly, I'd take a lower offer. Her gold-digger days are just a memory.
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