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1982 Ford F250 Profile

1982 Ford F250 - A Member Of The Family Stock -  Ford Truck Profile

Basic Info

Ownership Status
I own it


351 Windsor, 4 Spd. Manual. I removed the Variable Venturi carb and all it's components. Now it has a 2150 two barrel. Replaced the distributor so it has a regular DuraSpark. Added an RV cam and duel exhaust.
Chassis & Suspension
Suspension is stock with Monroe Gas Magnums in Front and Monroe Coil-Over shocks in the rear.
Wheels & Tires
Stock steel wheels with 265/70R16 tires.
Body & Paint
All original paint and interior. The original dash pad was in bad shape over the frt. speaker. I tried to use a repair that I had found on YouTube. It covered the hole but it didn't looks as well as I had hoped it would.
Interior & Electronics
It still has a Pioneer AM/FM Cassette that was added but now pretty much just fills a hole. As so many of the dash lights had burned out, I replaced them all with LED bulbs. As well as an LED dome light.
Buying this pickup June 18th 1982 was a big event. I still have all the paperwork from the purchase. I gave $9995.00 for it. Somebody would have thought I pulled in in a new Town Car. Me, my wife and daughter loaded up to go ride and show it to our families and friends. It was our primary vehicle for many years. I went to trade it in one time when it was about 12 or 15 yrs old. I got so sad seeing them look at it to give me a price and the so mad at what they offered that I told my wife then and there that it will never leave. Other than keeping it up and using it some I have no real solid plans for anything particular.
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