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    1973 Ford F-100 360 engine overheating

    Heater core won't cause over heat. You can simply bypass it and be fine.
  2. Fellro

    1973 Ford F-100 360 engine overheating

    If it is plugged bad enough, only a radiator shop can get it to clear out. The newer aluminum radiators are such that generally they just get replaced.
  3. Fellro

    1996 F250 E40d torque coveter bolt up

    Try They will have them and ship it quickly to you. Lowes and such should have them as well, many farm stores do as well.
  4. Fellro

    Old Ford Tractor - photo I took

    Price pretty much isn't equal around here, the N series can be had for $1500 or less typically. The newer 600's more than double that. I did pick up a runing fully functional 2N for $1350. I definitly miss the live PTO and hydraulics, but it does what I really needed it for, running a blade for...
  5. Fellro

    Fuel pump relay and inertia switch wires melted

    I have been having fuel supply issues on my 1988 F150 300-6 which led me to change the in tank pump first, then the high pressure pump. After the last test drive I parked the truck and upon return, no start, the pumps wouldn't turn on. I replaced the fuel pump relay which had shown serious heat...
  6. Fellro

    1996 F250 E40d torque coveter bolt up

    What you could do to avoid losing bell housing alignment is to take out 2 bolts on opposing sides and put in two much longer bolts. If you want, you couldod thatwith more as well, but two will do the trick. Remove the crossmember and slide it back. When done, you should be able to go back...
  7. Fellro

    93 short bed flare side Tulsa Oklahoma

    The cluster lights could be due to the headlight switch. The resistor for the dimming can fail or get bad spots and cause them to not light up. The sttering box is a common suspect on the front end being loose, Not sure what you man by it starts to jump. Rear diff depends on where the leak is as...
  8. Fellro

    351W questions

    I believe Ford kept the bolting pattern equal. Be aware there is generally only one way the bolts line up, they are not equallt spaced on the converter. Other thing to watch out for is keeping the converter in the pump gear - if it gets out, while tightening the transmission to the motor you...
  9. Fellro

    351W questions

    Haven't done it personally, but my understanding is that it is just a bolt on swap. You will want to get the flex plate with the newer motor though as that is different.
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    I have a 78 150 that I will be parting out at some point. Can't attest to condition of the damper though.
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    Hey bigd here. Newby on this sight.I live just outside of Greenville nc.

    That does seem to be a tough one. May have to go used.
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    Welcome! We would love to see it!
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    Holley carb

    It has the appearanceof being correct anyway. Open the choke, and while looking inside, pull the throttle linkage quickly like you are flooring it and watch for a bit of gas to shoot out inside. If there is nothing, then your accelerator pump isn't working. That would give you hesitation when...
  14. Fellro

    Hi all

    First suspect to me is ignition - plugs, wires, timing, points. Fuel is another possibility. Guess should ask, what motor is in it? Accelerator pump can be another reason for lagging response.
  15. Fellro

    1973 Ford F-100 360 engine overheating

    That is a lot less likely an issue then if the radiator is that new. With the pressure build up and retention, you don't seem to have a leak at least.