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  1. BeerBilly

    New Shirts, Sweatshirts, Merchandise for 2022

    Got my shirt yesterday. .It did take almost a month to arrive though.It’s a fine shirt,medium weight.I’ll try toget a pic.
  2. BeerBilly

    New Shirts, Sweatshirts, Merchandise for 2022

    Good prices and reasonable shipping.Long sleeve tee it is then,for under $30 shipped,not bad.
  3. BeerBilly

    New Here

    I thought of this when I saw yours. It’s not mine,I saw it on Mewe.
  4. BeerBilly

    Let's see some of our rigs on here!

    The garage queen is getting rear louvers.Been looking at them from American Muscle for years but couldn’ t swallow the +-$500 price tag plus the couple hundred to ship to Alaska.I recently found one on Amazon for $180 shipped.It’s a one piece plastic part made in China but I threw caution to the...
  5. BeerBilly

    OFFICIAL: FTF Members Map

    Nah,we had a tsunami advisary but nothing happened. We’ve evacuated a few times over the years but never had any waves.Our house is right across the street from the water so it could get hit.Funny thing though,it’s an old floathouse sitting on concrete piers so theoretically if we cut the...
  6. BeerBilly

    OFFICIAL: FTF Members Map

    Banana belt of Alaska. Prince of Wales Island.
  7. BeerBilly

    Flat bastard gets a winch

    Finally got it all put together.Soldered the cable lugs and shrink tubed them with quick connectors for swapping around..25’ of 2ga welding cable ran along the frame to the back.The winch can be stowed in the truck box.This was my vision and i’m happy with the result.
  8. BeerBilly

    Flat Bastard gets a visor

    Finally got around to installing the cab visor.Fun little project.Looks sharp as hell IMO.
  9. BeerBilly

    Let's see some of our rigs on here!

    This is my garage queen.2006 V-6.
  10. BeerBilly

    Ways to help bring in more members and attract new activity

    I like this group.I just retired and will be doing more things with the vehicles and probably will post more,crowing about my accomplishments.My only complaint would be that the site layout is kinda confusing.For example,New posts and what’s new are not the same content.But hey,I can figure it...
  11. BeerBilly

    Flat Bastard

    New Chinese winch.#13,000 for 1/3 the price of Warn.Seems stout.Receiver mounted,it can come on or off or on the back and stay locked up in the truck box when not in use.Waiting on quick connects to finish the wiring.
  12. Long Tall Sally

    Stock Long Tall Sally

  13. BeerBilly

    Long Tall Sally

    This thread is for the truck profile titled "Long Tall Sally". Click the Watch button to get updates and comment on it below.
  14. Flat Bastard

    Stock Flat Bastard