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  1. Kaajot

    Engine Warranty S&J Cylinder #1

    So, I got part of a diagnostics done on the engine, but we are now doing a leak test on cylinder #1.There's apparently still a possibility of a blown head gasket but the numbers on the pressure test both dry and wet look pretty solid. Dry was 158 - 168 and Wet was 190-198.Cylinder #1...
  2. Kaajot

    New 300-6 Engine will not go above 2000 RPM

    Hi all-Mechanic has the new 300-6 engine painted, installed, etc. Everything is back together except the dip stick (it's plugged, need to find my original dip stick for this year engine and install it at the 500 mile oil change).Apparently it runs strong and solid, but after the first two...