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1992 f150

  1. Kaajot

    ABS Light Still On

    Second malingering issue I'm tackling on 92 F-150 Custom (RWD, 300-6 E40D)I had purchased a second RABS I Module and swapped out after repairing the front brake line system just to be sure no hang-ups were there last Summer. The light continues to come on once I get above 35 mph and hit a...
  2. Kaajot

    The Case of the 12 Year Fuel Filter

    I'm trying to tackle a problem that has persisted against my best efforts as I've gained experience AND against multiple mechanics. Short of tin-snipping the thing off, we're not sure what to do regarding getting a stuck fuel filter off my 1992 F-150 Custom.I went in with fuel filter removal...
  3. Kaajot

    1992 F-150 Serpentine Problems

    New Problem parked the F-150 at the Farm and have the loaner truck again.The Serpentine Belt shredded itself again -- has 2-3 of its ribs left out of the 6 beads (half width).The belt had about 100 miles on it!!!!We've replaced the Smog Pump, fixed the Tensioner Pulley and the Power...
  4. Kaajot

    1992 F150 Voltage Drop

    Hi all-So, the 1992 F150 now has a non-leaking, sealed, brand new 300-6 that fits its year. The transmission is from a 92-94 same style (E40D) F-150. We found broken pins in the transmission shifting connector and repaired with a new plug and repaired the broken pins by soldering new pins...