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  1. 99 Beast

    Street Truck 99 Beast

  2. 99 Beast

    This thread is for the truck profile titled "99 Beast F350". Click the Watch button to get updates and comment on it below.
  3. Power mirror switch

    Since we are on later model mirrors --Is there an adapter to go from this switch:To this mirror plug?
  4. new truck shopping

    And why I built my own! Costs are nucking futs!
  5. new truck shopping

    I love my Tundra but I could not afford a new truck these days. These people are nuts! All the electronics and so-called "safety" stuff.
  6. new truck shopping

    I have an '11 Tundra, and my friend has an 07 Tacoma.Neither of us has had any problems. Both of us kept them dealer maintained.Mine was built in San Antonio, my home town!
  7. Happy Birthday sbluke55

    Happy Birthday! I bet you get pranked a lot!
  8. Hola! Hello! Hallo! Hello, eh!

    :wavey:Did you guys break the PowerStroke Nation?
  9. What did you work on today

    Ya, this forum needs a like button.
  10. Hola! Hello! Hallo! Hello, eh!

    I haven't smoked a butt in a long time. I should do this soon.YelloThumbUp
  11. Hola! Hello! Hallo! Hello, eh!

    Thanks, Guys! I work on stupid stuff like rehabbing battery cables. :)
  12. Hola! Hello! Hallo! Hello, eh!

    I am new to the Ford Diesel world, and with my truck, I bit off a LARGE chunk.As purchased,It wasn't cared for well at all - all fluids were pretty black . . . But, I am rebuilding all and will see what happens.I've rebuilt Harley, VW bug, small-block Chevy . . . and am having trouble...