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Old 05-11-2009, 05:17 PM
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got it all running again, just doesnt seem to run right, I may pull the plugs again, (bought new ones, but the shop was out of motorcraft, so bought some others, dont remember the name) he said they were gaped for the ford, but my manual said differently, but left them as the plug was since they were "double titanium" tipped, a tip on both parts of the plug,, not like the splitfires which are junk, so may regap them..
No Pics yet of my truck... coming soon...

2000 Ford Superduty F250
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Old 03-06-2010, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by rambler View Post
First Post and a major problem...

I need help on my truck. I saw a water leakage behind the water pump, I know it wasnt the pump, but it was anti-freeze, so doing research found out there is a two-piece metal pipe, to run under the intake manifold to a heater hose in the back. so I had to take off the intake manifold ( what a PITA, and PLASTIC) and finally got this off, looks like it was leaking for awhile and some corrision has occured. any idea how to get the pipe off from the back of the water pump?

This is a 2000 Ford Super Duty, with a 5.4 SOHC Triton Engine F-250.

Do I heat this, I dont know if the piece is aluminim? I sprayed PB Blaser on it, but still stuck , the piece is broken in there as well, because I "Tapped" it with a hammer trying to get it out. Any ideas?

Here are some Pics... any help would be appreciated...

This is the new piece

and the front of the engine in the waterpump cavity

of course after I "tapped it" and it broke I found a "quick fix"

of course its too late now, and the piece is still stuck in the block due to corrosion, I've used PB Blaster on it and letting it soak up, but not sure if I can heat this up? maybe break it free?

on another note, probably a good time to change the plugs since I'm down there, but pretty nervious reading some of the posts here about breaking plugs....

thanks in advance for any help! need to get this thing back on the road! saving too much gas driving my daughter's escort!
Years ago I used pipe thread brass fittings and hard copper 3/8" tubing to eliminate the rubber hoses on my GT500 KR and it worked great. I intend to do a conversion on the replacement engine for my Navigator before installation and I'll take pics and post the procedure. I think a standard size pipe thread will fit the hole in the block. We will all know in a few more days.
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Old 04-21-2016, 01:31 PM
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What size hose did you use to cover it? I was going to try to tap it out but I don't think it will work with it rusted out like it is on mine. Think the hose bit is my best bet at this point.
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