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Generations 8-9 1987-1996 F150 + 1987-1997 F250, F350

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Old 08-18-2020, 09:33 PM
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Engine Warranty S&J Cylinder #1

So, I got part of a diagnostics done on the engine, but we are now doing a leak test on cylinder #1.

There's apparently still a possibility of a blown head gasket but the numbers on the pressure test both dry and wet look pretty solid. Dry was 158 - 168 and Wet was 190-198.

Cylinder #1 however would not produce power (there's a skip) and we swapped spark plugs, still no change. I'll make sure the spark plug wire was changed too (maybe it's broken and maybe the wire was not swapped for another wire from distributor to plugs to double-check this).

S&J wants the leak test next. They're still saying the engine could have overheated and maybe it is my fault, I don't know. I caught the engine spike pretty fast and didn't let it continue running. Shut it down, etc back in March. I have had to monitor my systems constantly with the bad engine so this was second nature and I don't think I was running the engine into high temperature until it parked and shot up as I idled for 1-2 minutes because it was low on radiator fluid (due to a faulty radiator cap turns out).

So now the radiator is holding fluid since the new cap handles the PSI. That's good. It's staying cold. That's good.

Also, since cylinder #1 can be reached a little bit through the top of the engine fill, Keith poked in there and the flaps or whatever on the valves are not seized. No issue there.

I am not too certain what issues are going to be found. Dan at S&J Engines is telling me if the engine overheated to a HIGH 265+ deg temp that a solder temp tab on the back will be melted. I guess that will help them determine it's my fault possibly by letting the engine overheat? I dunno. I caught it as it was rising to the right very quickly and shut it down immediately.

Could it be melted from that incident in March? Maybe? I guess we'll find out about that tomorrow too if Keith knows how to inspect that without tearing anything apart. I know it's back by the cab firewall but unsure where on the engine I'm looking.

Spark plugs did not have a lot of white on them from my perspective to indicate radiator was filling up the engine. I was probably losing fluid out a faulty radiator cap every time before I was running depressurized on a good cap.

Here's a link to my Engine Diagnostics Drive Folder. One showing me driving at 55 MPH with ABS light illuminated but everything else is fine. The other two are spark plugs 1-6, looking for white indication of radiator fluid getting into the engine cylinders.

Got my Saab registered today, now just trying to get definitive diagnostics before I drop the truck off. The engine shop is backed up even though I had a drop-off appt today, so Bigelow Engines (local Engine shop) is cool with me delaying drop-off to allow more projects on my end to get done while he gets caught up and we also perform a couple more diagnostics before giving him our findings and letting him do his own based on our direction to revalidate engine diagnosis and repair accordingly.
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