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Old 04-07-2012, 05:29 PM
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1951 F-2 Pickup and F-3 Pickup - Early and Late Year Data

Attached are scans of the 1951 Salesman's Handbook showing the line drawing and data page for the F-2 model, and both early year and late year drawings and data pages for the F-3 model.

The F-2 mechanical information applies to all 1948 to 1952 trucks (except for the 1952 OHV 6 cylinder engine). The early year F-3 pages apply from 1948 to approximately mid year 1951 while the late year pages also apply to 1952. This becomes important when dealing with a 1951 F-3 because the rear brakes on the early trucks are 14" and have the parking brake at the rear drums. The late year rear brakes are 12" with the parking brake now located on the back of the transmission. Because all F-3s 1948 to 1952 came with 17" "widow maker" wheels, the 14" rear brakes create challenges to owners needing to replace these dangerous wheels. Stu

Stu McMillan
1952 F-3 Marmon-Herrington
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