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Old 12-01-2019, 06:19 PM
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Adapting a 94 f150 Harness

Im building my old Custom on a budget, so Ive gone down the hardest road possible, knowing so, but the money in it is lowest possible. I have a 79 f150, that now has a 5.0l out of an econoline with full efi capability. Auto replaced with T18 from an 80s Bronco. And now Im adapting a Harness from another 94, I found in a junkyard, as I cant afford a painless. Questions which sound remedial, is needed to verify my work as I've cut the harness up to give the cleanest possible appearance in the engine bay. I have the EEC computer, and underhood fuse box mapped out, and am now rebuilding the harness to work for me.
BOO: Brake on/off switch- Is this to deactivate cruise control when brake depressed only? If so, those pins get pulled.

Is there anywhere I may find a full pin out diagram of the engine connecting plug (Pins 1 to 42)? I will go outside and tear into the engine harness in the truck but trying last ditch to save many expletives. Haynes and Chiltons is decent, but Ford was famous for wire substitutions. Full harness' (save for engine harness) is sitting on a table in my basement while I go through it so everything is right in front of me.

On the Intermediate Harness plug, the majority of wires go into the computer. Is there a Pin out diagram on this plug as well? More than likely they're all going to be removed except for O2 sensors, Sig Rtns, fuel pump, markers, and tails. (reverse will come from t18 to tail)

Im just having difficulty identifying wires. Any help offered is greatly appreciated as Ive about blown up the google machine, and have read every schem I can find to no avail. Thank you in advance and when you're done mumbling that Im insane, laugh with me. Im into this old girl with cost of truck, 4x4 swap, engine swap, efi conversion, lift kit, and manual conversion for about 5k, including new wheels and tires. Its just taken me three years... so far.
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