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Generation 10 1997-2003 F150, F250LD incl. 2004 Heritage

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Old 01-11-2021, 09:59 PM
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I took the heat gun to the radiator, the second radiator (Super cooler?) and a little cooler at the bottom/front of the truck that I think is for the hydraulic fluid.

First, his hydraulic lines don't work again for the plow so we jacked it up and strapped it so he could take it home after I got the plow back in (he set it down). Second, it didn't overheat at all on his 17 miles back to Clayton but again he doesn't have hydraulic control again of the plow.

For the primary radiator, very warm (running for about 45-60 minutes as we finagled the plow back on), it ran from the top fins around 34-37 deg (ambient) to near the bottom around 80 deg. Is that normal? I guess the top is where it's cooling and the heat is rising up/moving as it cools through the fins?

Secondary radiator (forward of primary) was about 60 degrees everywhere.

Hydraulic cooler at the bottom/front (was low) for plow hydraulics I believe had a hot line and a cool line (in/out). Somewhere of about 40 out and 80 in.

I did a reading on the coolant overflow reservoir and got somewhere around 100-130 at its hottest.

Flush the system? HAH HAH HAH. I doubt it. :-(

I took forward pictures of all the radiators/fins. I'll have to upload them and get them posted, but it looked mostly normal except that plow cooling line, seemed low and laying like maybe it had fallen off its mount (probably zip tied at one point).
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