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Old Yesterday, 02:46 PM
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Hey Dusty-

Although we're gonna check that egr, I keep thinking about that I may have smelled some wires burn. I think maybe my darn ECM computer may have fried again, and we just changed it out in 2017 (rebuild from A1 Cardone via Rock Auto).

I was checking to make sure the catalytic converter we installed afterwards was a Federal and not a CA-emissions, as that may have required a different serial number ECM. It says we put a Federal Emissions Catalytic Converter -- old one had a HUGE hole in it where the erg used to mate up. We replaced the EGR Tube too, so it's all new.

BOSAL 0794032 (Daily Driver) is the Catalytic Converter installed after the new ECM. Put a Bosch O2 Sensor in, may need to be replaced with a better part since I've smelled rotten eggs a few times before the truck completely died.

It's worth noting I had a K&N Air Filter and Throttle Spacer from installed prior to both of these maintenance tasks. I am wondering if that Throttle Spacer is causing the problems but really can't be sure until the motor mounts are replaced and the engine stops swinging. The battery's mount position is also loose, but the ground should be tight. Apparently the rack not supported where the battery is at, possibly due to bolts rattling out from the motor mount movement.

I think we're going to clean the Throttle Spacer, EGR Valve, etc, check the Ignition Control Module (it's not been tested and we did repair a wire 2 years ago to it during the ECM swap) and get the motor mounts/oil pan & oil pump changed, and check the ECM board itself for any faults or blown capacitors. That's an expensive $229 part from Rock Auto, but I see they're just under $100 form PartsGeek. Is there a different brand or reman shop I should be looking if the ECM is what's fried again? (ie not A1 Cardone, better warranty than 1 year?) for reference, cheap A1 Cardone reman ECMs.

The ECM is mounted to the firewall of the cab, but could the engine's movement be somehow shorting/frying it out prematurely?

ALSO, anyone got instructions or a link on how to test an Ignition Control Module before I start replacing the ECM? We've not replaced the ICM yet and I was told Autozone can test these to see if they're good, but if there's a way to test with a tester, definitely would like that in my trouble shooting kit since the part is much easier to get at than the ECM and should be ruled out first as good or bad.

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