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Ranger/Bronco II Mazda B-Series

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Old 06-08-2018, 09:18 AM
DZG DZG is offline
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Need some help...87 Ranger Gauge issues?

Hey guys, i used to be around here alot, under my old name "workin rig" askin questions about my old 77 F250....

Either way, ive retired the 77 as my daily driver and bought an 87 Ranger. 2.9/5sp/2wd....

Im having issues im hoping are electrical related...

The temp gauge and oil pressure gauge will read high, as will the fuel gauge. But only sometimes. The oil gauge will read about 3/4 up, the temp gauge a bit higher then that, and the fuel will gain 1/8-1/4 tank.

Sometimes the temp gauge will peg on "H" after a hot restart, but then return to the top of the normal band...

Here is the kicker, it only does it sometimes, sometimes the oil hangs right in the middle, temp will hang about 1/4 way (180*tstat) and fuel gauge will be accurate. I should add that the temp gauge still fluxuates, but still never goes much over midway and only at understandable times (like in a drive thru).

When the gauges are acting up, i notice that when i turn the blower or headlights on, it seems to put a noticiable load on the engine, but when things are fine, then it doesnt. Alternator is charging.

Im 99% sure its not actually overheating, because being a 2.9 it would of been dumping coolant by now. Oil is clean, coolant is as green as grass, and i have good cab heat. I have felt the hoses when it says its overheating, and they were hot, but not so hot i couldnt hold my hand on them for 15-20 seconds. Fan clutch seems to be working as well.

I have checked the ground strap that runs from the head to the firewall, it seems to be fine. The only one im concerned about is the little black wire that runs from the neg battery terminal over to the core support. What is this for and could it cause these issues?

Any help is apperciated.
97 F250 HD 460/E4OD/4.10s (Camper toter)
77 F250 Ranger XLT 400/C6/3.07s (DD/work truck)
10 Escape XLT 2.5/Auto (Wifes Ride)

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