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Generation 6 1973-1979 F100, F150, F250, F350

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Old 12-31-2017, 07:19 AM
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Help Please

I'll get right to it.

My 2001 f150 v6 has been a good little work truck for the past three years, but is now on it's last leg and is ready to retire. It is my work truck and general transportation. Anyway, it has had it. So now to the actual issue; I need a work truck. I have a 72 250 cs with a 390 ci and three speed auto. It has too much rust, but the engine and tranny are in working order, but the truck is so rusted that I lost the hood on the interstate a while back. Beyond that it has a pin hole in the radiator and something keeps draining the battery. Also one tire is loosing air. I cannot find another hood anywhere. It was really stupid of me to not recover it when the hinges failed, but the bed was full and I had no tie downs at the time. So that brings everyone up to date in those trucks.

I have located a 78 f100 with what seems, to my ignorant eyes, to be a 460ci truck. Nominal rust. I went to go by the truck yesterday evening and use it for my next work truck. The old gentleman who purchased it says he doesn't have the patience for it. So I go to crank it yesterday and it starts right up... but begins spewing gas all over the top of the motor. Take apart sight glass filter and reassemble. Attempt to start truck back up. Nothing fired multiple times though. I eventually determine that it is getting no spark whatsoever from the coil. Upon closer inspection I realize that the rest of wires to and from and surrounding the coil are slap dry rotted. So I want this truck and can get it for even less with the issues I'm having, but I can't play pretend mechanic in this gentleman's drive for ever while I try to get this thing back rolling.

I admit that I am rather new to older Ford's. Give that the wires look so toasty and that the truck needs to be moved next time I go look at it, what can I do to get it rolling easily/ temporarily.

I was considering putting an hei distributor in it for ease and to bypass electrical issues for now. I am not a mechanic but am mechanically inclined. I am not, however, any sort of electrician whatsoever, so I am looking for braindead easy temporary fix just to get truck to my house.

So should I try and take coil and stuff off of the 72, or get a Chevy style distributor for the quickest easiest fix?

Please help me,

Thank you.


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